Hiking and mountaineering to your heart’s content

Be it themed trails, Waalweg paths, hut-to-hut hikes, high-altitude trials or high alpine tours – whatever you are looking for, it’s all within reach of Lana.

The Vigiljoch Mountain, the rustic Ulten Valley or the Texel Group Nature Park are just some of the most popular hiking areas near Lana. Numerous funiculars (Vigiljoch, Merano 2000, Texelbahn etc.) lead from the valley up to dizzying heights and take you directly into the heart of the hiking areas.

Our hiking suggestions for you:

Brandiswaal path

The ancient irrigation channel Brandiswaal was built by Earl Heinrich von Brandis in 1835. Running along this irrigation channel is an excellent hiking path, which starts in Oberlana and even leads past a waterfall. Hikers can return by bus from Niederlana to Oberlana.

Walking time: 1.5 h
Level of difficulty: low

Vigiljoch circular walk

Take the funicular from Lana up to the Vigiljoch Mountain. From the top station, follow the path number 34 to the little chapel and then continue on path number 9 which leads you to Seespitz. At the lake, branch off to the right and take path number 7, which leads you back to the top station.

Walking time: 3 h
Level of difficulty: low