Experience Kränzlerhof

The wine as a work of art.
7 Gardens : The garden experience on 20,000 m² with a labyrinth of vines as the centrepiece, amphitheatre, terraces, water landscapes, as well as artistic and landscape gardening attractions. The place offers an atmosphere in which sensitivity and appreciation towards people and nature can develop. Winery: a living, 800-year-old winery on a natural vineyard site. Through sculptures and installations you can immerse yourself in another world. You also have the opportunity to take part in fine wine tastings all year round. Always on Wednesdays at 16.00 (by appointment). 7 Gardens - Guided tour: A guided tour through the gardens is offered where you can learn everything and more about the origins and development of the gardens, the philosophy of the farm and the art of wine making.

Afterwards, you can enjoy a fine meal in the Miil restaurant. With passionate cuisine and taste experiences of a special kind.