Castles and fortresses

Around 800 castles and fortresses can be found throughout South Tyrol, and near Bolzano there is even the area with the most castles in Europe.
South Tyrol offers numerous opportunities to immerse yourself in history. One of the best is a visit to an old castle. Nowhere else is the past so close at hand.

Now not only the estate itself is a real adventure but also the hike there.

Our tips:

Hocheppan Castle in Eppan with starting point in Nals
Boymont Castle in Eppan
Maultasch Castle in Terlan
Juval Castle in Vinschgau
Castle Tirol in Dorf Tirol
Kröllturm Tower in Gargazon
Castelfeder castle ruins in Auer

...... and sooo many more.

Many of the castels offer guided tours, some can only be admired from the outside and some you can even discover yourself.